Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Great Shots

These here are great nature shots for a amature', but I will get better. Midgie met me after we both finished our separate cases today of House Hold Technicians, and lucky for us they were only a few hours. Again the North East had a picture perfect July day in September. We met in town and went to a very popular "preppy" type of lunch place that is one of my favorites. The place was packed and we were very lucky to catch a seat with this nice guy on his lunch break. He was either very shy, or didn't know what to make of us sharing his space, but a girls gotta eat. We were waiting for our take out and indulged in Creamy Garlic soup till it came...MMMM, safe from the vampire's again. After lunch we met { J } down the river and he promise to go very slow and float by the Eagle so I could take some pics. Usually there is 2 or 3 out there, but today it was just one immature one. Perhaps as you read this you might be able to click on the pic and enlarge it, hope so. Tomorrow begins my work week, I so have been loving being home and doing fun things with my sister. Two different people have called me to start a new home-care case. I would love to start but it means less time for me. And after many years of putting every one else first I think I will put me first and my family. Happy Trails to all!!!!!

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