Tuesday, September 04, 2007

My Tuesday's Yadda

This shot is of a Turkey Volture on fresh hay. It almost looks like a chicken,it was taken from a bit away and zoomed way in. Well September has found us again. I don't care for the end of summer, I hate knowing soon to cold to go boat riding, and laying on the beach, dreaming. We are going away this Saturday night,for a few days, and I hope the nights are still warm. We are going to the beach and I can remeber from past times there can be morning fog and mist that hangs out till late in the afternoon. This time we are taking the baby, Bingo. It is going to be his vacation. { J} thinks he doesn't have to much time left on this earth and wants to take advantage of the time now. Shepard's hips start to give out and Bingo is showing signs of it. No more can he run up the stairs, at times I have company as I try to climb them. Today is only Tuesday but it feels like Wednesday,,,I have put all my Wednesday cases for today, on the morrow I have to do another route at the PO, one that I haven't done in a long time, so that should be fun,,,Not. Well its off to start the day, Happy Trails !!!!!!


bskaad said...

Hey Helena-Skyblue

Thanks for tagging me.
It's always nice to get positive feedback. You are on my list and I'm visiting your blog now and than.

Hope your trip goes well and you are able to get the last bit of summer.
Here in Bergen temperature is dropping and it has already been snowing in the mountains.

Helena said...

Hi Bskaad-You are welcome! So far here in the USA, I have not heard of any fresh snow falling any where. And to all, if you would like a glimpse into Norway, visit this site! I am not sure how I found it but he takes some wonderfull shots around his city and fills in with the knowlede of it. I truley enjoy my Journey over there and hope you do too.