Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Re-Treat Time

I am still at my bungalow @ the Shores. The owner called yesterday to see how we are doing. I forgot to tell her we are out of coffee creamer, to send some and that the TV in the living room dose not work. It came on the first day, and then on Sunday night as I just turned it on,,,after 10 minutes it went off and never came on. All is pretty quiet here. I took the puppy for a walk yesterday after my day at the Slave Labor camp (work) and we stopped to talk to the guy at the end of the street, I used to work at that house doing home care. I asked him if bats still had their colony in his attic, he said it cost him a high price to get them removed. I also told him I used to have a pet squirrel there that would scratch at the back door for peanuts, and i could feed it out of my hands, e seemed not impressed. I used to be friends with the grandson of my patient there but over time just stopped talking to him. Wounder how his life is now? My sisters flowers outside are all doing good. She does not own one house plant, I must get her one. Today the puppy awoke me at 4am. She needed to use the potty,very smart girl. I had leaving her to go to work , as much as she hates me going. Hopefully I will be done early today,I am going in early to get ahead of the game, plus I left 2 tubs of flats to put up this am. I gotta remember to bring my camera cord to post some pics. This here is a old picture from last year. I found some of those lobster markers on the beach this year and put them under my pine tree, for sorta a nautical look, next to my cast iron furniture. Well its off to the slave camp- Happy Trails!!!!