Monday, August 20, 2007

My Yadda

Yesterday was a fun day for me. I got back into my routine of Sunday--playing on the putor till 10am, doing my laundry in between. Tidied up the house, then went to the gym for a work-out. I was hoping this person would have went with me, but she never called me back. She wants to get her stomach stapled so she looses weight, which to me is a cop -out. She is not that overly obese, and if she worked out a few days a week she could loose it the healthy way,and less pain full. I really think that and diet change would be good. I wounder if she eats fish at all? Not fried and breaded, the same with chicken. I hate fried foods and rarely eat them. When I am out doing the mail, is where I ruin my diet, if I was home I would only eat 1 meal at the end of the day. Working I devour cornchips, and cookies. Dam I have a whole week to work, luckily I am too broke to buy them. Don't want to charge a bag of cornchips. Also yesterday we took my little tin boat out and headed to the Island. Right at our spot, up in a dead tree was a mature eagle. It was waiting for its baby. When the baby started fling in the mother was talking to it. A very nice song, it was amazing. I took lots of pictures , actually I video them by mistake.More on that later I gotta run to work. Happy Trails

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