Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My Wordless Wensday

Yesterday I had a crappy day, and wrote all about it in my blog. And today I went to see if I had any comments on it, and it was freakin gone. Where did it go....Blogger now has where it saves it as you are going along and I even counted on that but nothing. Oh well, I am sure I will write about it again, or another faze of it. I live with a very stubborn guy, that takes everything the wrong way and has no consideration for me, its sorta like a negative/
positive relationship. Me being the positive. The pestimiss-optimism thang. After 30 years I guess people change, but yet they want all to be perfect, as they picture.... Believe in 10 possible things before breakfast and all will be good. {From Alice in wonderland} On to the photo.....A very cool shot. reminds me of body parts,,,legs intertwined. Sorta like a orgy of roots. What do you see............Happy Trails!!!!

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