Thursday, August 16, 2007

My Thirteen Thursday List

Thirteen Things about Helena

. Thirteen Things I have been thinking about,or need to do! A Yadda Page!

1) The news....I have been listening to Fox News

lately, the heat wave, the trapped Miners going on

day 11. Elvis has been dead #30 years.

2} I need to get organized.

3} Pay my health insurance

4} Need to change health insurance

5} I need to win the lottery, I have a large wish list.

6} Need to spend 1 whole day by my self.

7} What did I do 15 years ago on this day?

8} I need to water the garden

9} What ever happened to my best friend from my childhood?

10} Why dosen't my alarm clock wake me up on time anymore?

11} Will I accomplish anything productive today?

12} Wounder water the river temp is now.

13} Will I hear from Linda today, as I am swimming in her pool, and she is busting her butt working?
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