Monday, July 30, 2007

The Event...the dream

He arranged for my daughter to be with the baby sitter at his house. He was at my house on the beach...the place looked all around,- the music was on with a romantic Italian melody playing in the back ground- he great ed me with a glass of wine and a kiss- all was beautiful. As we talked and hugged, he whispered in my ear how beautiful I was. He held my hand and we walked down to the beach. He had a blanket spread out on the sand, a picnic basket was on the edge all was perfect as the waves rolled in......{ J } yelled answer the freaking phone-- The end of my dream and my perfect world. No face could I see in the dream, just the Aura of it being perfect. I have no daughter but in that I did- no name for her was mentioned. It was so perfect and beautiful. No I didn't get laid the phone and { J's } voice brought me back to reality- ugh. Today on the beach the mist is here. It is a cloudy day. I am at the library with my nephew Johnathan, he's a sweetheart. He's on my space talking to his favorite girls. We have done a lot of biking this trip- going 10 miles at a time, that has been pretty cool. I have purchased a new camera and shall post when I am home--For now...Happy Trails!!!!!! Helena XX 000 (((xxoo))

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