Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Wordless Wensday.....{ But with my words}

I usually do not like graffiti. But at times there is a place for all expressions. Here it is on a a spot that I think is fine. Looks like the darn thing needed something any how. And it has a strong message. Unfortunately that is never going to happen in my life time. Over on my right side of the blog, my links and places I journey to, is a real cool guy up in Canada who is trying to fight poverty. He is working one week jobs, and donating his money to stop poverty. He has had a wide variety of different occupations, so what if it is only for a week. That is really the best way to find out what you like to do. Who likes getting stuck in a dead end job just for a paycheck. I have never done that and never plan to. I love all that I do,,,,ya I might bitch about it at times,,and have my pity party , but I love it. Today in the am, I played House Hold Technician, the title I give my self when I clean house. In the afternoon I was a garden designer, now that was back breaking work....pulling out poison ivy,,,trimming bushes, and laying ceder mulch down. But I must say it looks great and my client loved it! But now I am beat, and must be traveling on.....Happy Trails.


stillwaters said...

Abolish poverty--that is also the battlecry of my people.

Happy WW!

tegdirb92 said...

what a great wordless wednesday!! I just stopped by to say hello :)