Sunday, July 29, 2007

Situation Sunday 17

{Greetings from the beach....A nice 90 ar'e so degrees....On to the situations which this weeks I had help from my nephew Johnathan.

Situation #1
You are all alone on a deserted road, far from home. Say 20 miles from home- you see a zombie. What do you do?

Situation #2
You are out shopping in a mall. You have purchased numerous items through-out the whole day. You have bags of purchases. In one store you are accused of stealing merchandise. Hunt as you may you can not locate a sales receipt for the are about to be arrested. What do you do.

Situation #3
You are swimming out in the ocean. You are about a mile from the shore. All those in your group are on the beach playing volley ball. You notice dorsal fins between you and the beach. No life guard is present. Scream and you might call attention by the wrong thing.....What do you do.


dawn said...

I've played along

Kim said...

Mine are up. I had fun with this one. Nothing like a zombie situation for some good old fashioned fun!

Kim @ TheBitterBall

angela said...

mine's up, and after tomorrow I'll be adding a link to you in my sidebar and playing along every week. This is a cool meme. :)

Helena said...

I am away on holiday and shall check all when I come home. The Libary only allows 1/2 use....Ugh.