Monday, June 25, 2007


Thought it was only fair to put my other pet pic today. Well the weekend is over. I went out to see Midgie on Saturday night. We helped unload the moving truck. They were very organized. It's a big job packing up for 5 people. I haven't moved in 25 years so I could imagine all the work. It is good to have them closer. Her house is very cute with lots of possibilities. Out side is loaded with a lot of perennials, that I can scarf up. I love Hostas and hers need to be cut back so lucky me, also lots of Rose of Sharon ,,lol I know I spelled that wrong. I worked in my garden's at home yesterday-operated on my old lilac tree to save it, I dug half of it up and moved it, Hope it takes. Going be in the 90's here today so heading to the beach! Happy trails!!!


Cat. said...

This is for Trigger the cat:

These are BEST dogs to train. They are very motivated to be bossed around. However, they can be cranky, so stay just out of reach of those teeth. ;-)

[I love German shepherds...sigh]

Helena said...

Trigger hides when we are not home, and when we get home it takes a good 1/2 before he comes out of hiding. I too love Shepards...This is our second one in 30 years with a black lab inbetween.