Sunday, June 24, 2007

Situation Sunday #12

Situation Sunday #12

Situation #1

A person you have known many years growing up and that you were close to at one time. Has moved away for like 20 years, and always kept in contact with your younger sibling. Last year you ran into them at a local store. They tell you that they are moving home and going threw a divorce,, and to please call and get together. You call and their Mother answers and says they are not here, and you hear them in the background. Many months have passed and you are at your siblings home and they show up, and act like nothing has happened. They ask for your number. Do you give it, and how do you act and feel now towards this person?
Situation #2
You awake one day and for some strange reason, you now have memory loss, amnesia. Every one around you tries to help, but clearly you do not know them or trust them. Your supposedly spouse is very supportive, but you think how the Hell could I have married have no children......What do you do?
Situation #3
You come home early from work one day, and you catch your spouse in your bed with the hired help. What do you do?
This is from the cat....{Trigger}
Situation #4
How do I get rid of the dog?


Cat. said...

I'm up. ;-)

Call Me Betty said...

Mine's a day up but it's up :)

Cute cat in the picture!

Amy's Zoo said...

I've heard the new pirates movie is not worth your time!