Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Trip and Thoughts

I can't believe we went to the beach and saw the same seagull as last year. No matter where we went he would pop up....My blonde moment. We got to Salisberry beach by 10am, a lovely tropical breeze was blowing. I think it was like 95degrees in land, so we were at the perfect place. I warned { J } to use sunblock....but no he said he can take it this year, ya right we were there for 5 hours, No beach for him the next day. We spent the night up in Portsmith, NH at a Motel 6. {J} booked it...no room service but I didn't complain, we stayed at this place 2 times before in the winter months. They redid it,and it was very nice. I was glad to have a pool, {J} spent this morning in the room watch TV and reading and I swam and hung out by the pool for a couple of hours it was great. Last night before we fell asleep I was watching Lifetime movie---"Girl Positive" I think it was called, so it made me dream of being back in high school with my sister Midie and all the hotties back then. The boys that were "Jocks" and popular, they all looked like they did back then. But in reality they look total different now, either fatter or balder. It's funny how when you dream all remain close to the perfection that you remeber. When I told Midgie about the dream she was glad that she got lucky as she put it. Its kinda funny when I think back to my youth,,,I never thought I was pretty, or perfect in any way. Now I see the pictures of me and I was, Everything about me, was perfect. I wish I had the confidense to realize it back then. Guess I was always looking up to my older sister and hearing all the " Oh your sister is so pretty", And my little sister was so pretty I knew. But I never thought I was. If I could turn back time,,I might have gained more or went farther than I did. When {J} and I were walking along the beach....a young boy passed us- everyone stared at him and you could see them talking about him. He was alone and he was about 5'7" and extremely bony,,,his shoulder blades stuck out and the flesh went further in. Almost as if he was starved forever, or he was anorexia. But this young boy held his head up high for all to see. And I thought perhaps he is in remission from cancer and he is just glad to be alive, I said a prayer for him, and both {J} and my heart went out to him....May each and every one have the strength and courage to face each day as he has. Happy Trails!!!

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