Monday, June 18, 2007

Weekend update & Unconscious Mutterings

Another weekend has flown by. Took my Mom to a BQ, at one of our clubs. She was so happy and had a exellent time. She just loved seeing all the people and family. They had a father and son fiddlers there singing the old songs and she was singing right along with them. On the way home I treated her to some free fresh strawberries. It would have been really nice if Midgie and the family were there. Hopefully for the next one she shall be. I got home at 5pm and {J} was exhausted and laying in bed watching tv, that is where he'll spend the rest of the time till Monday. I went out and worked around the yard. I mowed the lawn which is something I actually enjoy. On saturday I bought the weed killer Roundout, for $13. It is suppose to kill 275 different kinds of weeds, I can't believe I didn't have those kinds of weeds, It really didn't work. I went back yesterday and got a $18 killer, says it kills poison ivy,so not only did I use it on that,,,I used it on the weeds too. I sure hope it worked. Today I shall work in town, fixing up a friends garden and yard. On the morrow I took off to go boating. I was going to go to the doctors and get checked out for lyme disease. Both of my elbows have been hurting, and with me catching poison Ivy in just one spot { That is weird} And sorta feeling like I have a flew,,but I think I shall wait till Wensday. I am really disappointed in the turn out for Situation Sunday, When I go to Wordless Wensday and Friday's Feast I see tons of people linking on, And on mine I get under 10. I thought it was a great meme. But thats my opion....Guess I'll try it just a few more times and see if that improves or not. Unconsious Mutterings before I go. Happy Trails all!!
Unconsious Mutterings:

  1. Riding :: Bike

  2. Actress :: Actor

  3. Flowers :: Sunflower

  4. Making :: A cake

  5. Robot :: Warning , Warning,Warning

  6. Enjoy :: Life

  7. Identify :: Corpse

  8. 22 :: 43

  9. Busy :: Always

  10. Forward :: Press buttons

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