Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sunday Situation #11

Hi there! Welcome to another Sunday filled with some situations to make you think....What would you do if this is happening to you. Enjoy!!!

Situation 1:

You are on a small plane, there is you and you get to choose one special person, and 3 strangers. Also 2 pilots are on the plane. It is at night, during a very bad storm. Unfortunately the plane hits a lot of turbulence, and the controls are not radar screen is showing up for the pilots. Try as they might, they have no control of the plane and it is about to crash. The pilots both did not make it. You have and your complain, also 2 of the other passengers. You all are bruised up pretty badly but no broken bones. It is night so you just stay put. In the am you realize you are on a mountain, way in the woods. No cell phones are working......What is your next plan of action?
Situation #2
You are at work, you have 2 other co-workers there doing the same job as you do. One of the other co-workers have used the company computer to look up a union question, that the boss already has told you the answer to which is totally different from what is on the screen. They leave it on the screen and move away from the computer. The boss finally See's it and asks the person who did it, if they were on the computer and left that there. They total deny it, making it look like you or the other Innocent one did it....what do you do? and could you trust that person?
Situation #3
It is now graduation time. Your eldest child of 16 is graduating high school, and they ask you if they can have a party with about 50 close friends. You agree as long as there is no alcohol drugs on the property. You and your spouse go out to dinner as the party is a hour into it and only 10 people are there. You come home to a couple hundred kids, and already two kegs of beer have been kicked.....what do you do?


midgie said...

this was a good one today..

Helena said...

Thanks Midgie, The picture is of a real plane crash, when I was hiking up in the mountains I spotted the plane,down a hill off the path...there was 6 of us hiking,,,no one thought it was a plane, but me & Bobby--{not Mcgee}. All of the people on the plane did't make was winter and it took officials 4 days to find it,,,very sad.