Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Things that send of triggers

Yesterday I went up to Hess gas station to get gas. There was this young black guy parked in between the pumps, not to get gas, he was freaking polishing his nice new white cady, I looked at him and he put his hands up like " What da fuk, you want bitch" So I pointed to the gas , he gave me a nasty look. No matter how much I wanted to say,,,"Its not a freaking car wash asshole" I kept my demur. He left. I got my gas and left, cut across the street- He was behind me---Took a right,,,he followed---took a left---he followed, at the next intersection it is a four way stop...I went first and took off, and down the first right, I lost him. I think he was in a gang,,,had his grama's curtains wrapped around his head.And the more I think about every other guy inside the gas station,,,they to wore and various rags on their heads,,,,Makes you wonder. All I thought about is how evil that person looked and acted at such a young age,,and sorry to say it but the world would be better if he was not a part of it. I do not think any kind of rehab, anger management, or prison would help. I shut a lot of the bad out of my life, I try not to listen to the news and all the horrible things that happen all around. Yesterday I was watching the travel channel and saw a delicate consumed by many,,,it was called "Cuyes". Humm yum sounds the name, ya right. They were hamsters. You pic the one you want out of a pen,,,almost like choosing your lobster out of the tank. I do not think I could ever eat them. I would like to hear of other things people around the world love to eat.....Happy Trails!!!!


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