Sunday, June 10, 2007

Situation Sunday #10

This photo is a great shot of NY city, taken down @ the port. This weeks situations happen to be what people that I know are dealing with...Lets see how you would deal with them,
Situation #1
You are back in the dating game, after 20 something years of being married. You are in your 40's. You meet some one you really like, and have been on a few really like this person. When do you tell him that you have a "problem"...A disease that effects you. It is not contagious...PKD,,,A kidney disease where you kidneys are enlarged and keep pushing forward,,and cysts that keep recurring in four major organs? You feel healthy and all, but at times it is a major setback? When and how do you let them know about this "baggage"?
Situation #2
A couple that you have known, and dealt with the past 15 years. Very nice people that have adopted a mentally challenged boy. They rented this house for the past 45 years,,{they now are in their late 80's},their adopted son lives in a separate apartment. They have just been told that their landlord has died and a distant relative now owns the place and gives them a order to vacate. They have 2 months to find a place to live. They are heart broken. And cannot afford today's rent of $2000 a month. How do you help them?
The next just made up.
Situation #3
You have just been told by your doctor that you have a very rare disease, you blood can only flow to one extremity,,,your arms or your legs. You have to choose which ones, the other shall get amputated....which do you choose?


midgie said...

these was hard today .thanks make me think.

Cat. said...

My answers are up (late, very late!).