Friday, June 08, 2007

Friday's Feast

Appetizer: What do you consider to be the ultimate snack food?

That's a hard one for me, with fresh strawberries around and cherries, and the cornchip that is always in season. I can take either.

Soup: On a scale of 1 to 10 ( with 10 as the highest), how popular is your last name?
I would say about a 2. My name has been shortened, from my ancestors. But doing a Google search I find a few of the same spellings in Poland.

Salad: Who is your all-time favorite sitcom character, and why?

Robin Williams! Seems like I grew up with him, always watching him in everything.

Main Course: Do you shop on line? If so, name some sites you like to browse for goodies?

I browse on line, but never buy. I did a few times from Spiegel, but when I got them home, I really didn't like it. I have a nice skirt suit that sits in my closet. When I tried it on I felt like a airplane Steward, Oxygen masks are here.

Desert: Fill in the blanks: I think _______should be________.

I think the days should be longer.


Shaz said...

Oh No, 24 hrs tired me I don't want to have to wait longer before it's bed time . . . lol

Prudence said...

Strawberries are yummy snacks, too. I'm not much into chips. But chocolate is my greatest weakness

jenny® said...

the days are pretty long nowadays, and i like it! great feast...mine is served!

dishywinnie said...

Great feast and have a great weekend

tegdirb92 said...

mork and mindy was a hoot!! Great feast answers.

Lady Jane said...

Hi! This is my first Friday's Feast.

I would definitely want more time so I could read more. But I wouldn't want more time if I just had to work.

Helena said...

Thanks for vising everybody! Friday's Feast is awesum!!