Thursday, June 07, 2007

My Thursday Thirteen list

Thirteen Things about Helena

Favorite Foods
I didn't think I could name 13 foods I like

So If I run out of food, I will list places.

1} A good thick steak,cooked medium rare.

2} Zuccini. Yellow or green to go with steak.

3} Onoins, grilled, fried or raw. {LOL}

5} Mild fish, Sole or Tillipi

6} cherries, grapes, peaches

7} Raisen Toast

8} Eggs over easy

9} Liver & onions

10} Angel Hair Pasta

11} pierogies & Sourcream

12} Calamiri

13} Sweet potatoes

{ AS YOU SEE, I didn't run out of food,LOL
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