Thursday, May 10, 2007

thursdays, rants

Yesterday was our annual Postal union meeting. We had 9 in attendance, from 6 different offices, We should have had a lot more, and more offices represented. I think there are like 20 or so in our district. I snuck out early. I had a Lilac tree in the truck I needed to get out and errands to run all before 9pm. My Lilac tree was big, I almost had to put branches out the window, instead they kept Linda company in the front seat. I was glad she was able to help me, I think it weighed a hundred pounds. Of course I got some dirt in the truck, I informed {J} about that on the phone. When I got home he asked did I really get dirt in the truck,,Hello what part didn't he get,big tree in dirt. He ranted and bitched on and on, I was going to vacuum it out. I swear he is annual retentive. 5 Am he gets up to go vacuum it out. I am sure I shall hear more about that later. Today at work a new guy does the hard route that I usually do on Thursday & Friday's. He did the easy route on Monday, He left PO at 2pm, The sheet said he signed out at 7:30. That was Bull, I heard he was a hour away and still delivering mail at 8pm. The postmaster met him on the route, and he asked" Shall I stop now and go back to PO, she told him NO keep going. She should get reprimanded on 4 counts- 1}Making him work over 12 hours,2} making him deliver in the dark 3} Not providing him with more training, there is another reason I just can't think of it right now. I can not wait for the weekend! My little sister will be here with my nephews and Goddaughter, {J} will be in his best behavior acting like the great uncle that they love, he will even treat me halfway nice. So bring on the weekend. UGH I still have 3 more days to work,,,oh well- Happy Trails!!!

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