Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Spring 2007

Yesterday was my day off, and it was gorgeous out. I really got a lot accomplished in the house and the yard. I spent numerous hours in my flower garden, laying down new marble chips and another few inches of cedar mulch. I love springtime. A friend just called to tell me he has a new Lilac tree for me, it is white with double flowers and fragrance. I shall pick that up on the morrow, I am so excited, and need to decide where I shall plant it. Also today after work we went boating, spotted 2 Eagles flying and enjoying the warmth of spring. Today during work I saw to Blue birds playing and doing there courting of each other, such a springy thing to do. Spring always reminds me of births and a "new", the trees are all in blossom here, from lilacs to apple, trees I don't even know there names are all flowering and coming awake for a new season, Would love to hear how everyone is seeing spring. Spring and summer are my favorite seasons, followed by winter. I am not a big fan of fall, but perhaps my feelings change as the colors appear.


agk said...

Pretty :D

tegdirb92 said...

gorgeous--happy WW!

Helena said...

AGK & TEGDIRB92, Thanks for the comments, That wasn't my WW post I did this am, before I went to work thou. I did a post on the old one room school house, Ichabod Krane,,,not sure where that went but thanks,,,now I'll check out yours.