Monday, May 07, 2007

My answers to Situation Sunday

#1} I would confront him as he is leaving the office, and tell him he has to tell his wife by the end of my day, or I shall. It's only a job, what he has is a untreatable disease that he would be spreading. To me sparing some one that is more important than a job. I'll flip burgers if I have to.

#2} If everything was going so negative, I would tell him it's not going to work, I am sorry but I would not even wait for the desert. And I would probably lie and say, I was getting back with my X.

#3} I would confront the mailman, Just to let him know he delivered more than letters that day, and just see what his reaction is. If he wants to be fatherly to me from then on fine, but he would never replace my father that I have known my whole life. And I would not tell the man that raised me.
My stats have been high for Situation Sunday, but not many are using the auto link, which ruins it for others to read their answers. Please put your {http:} link in. I will continue for a few more weeks to see if more shall post. Thanks-Helena


Usiku said...

I would limit the situations to two. Then I would make sure my answers appear after the intial situations by editing the post date so the situations show as a "sticky post" at the top of the page.

Helena said...

That is a very good sugjestion, some times I rack my brain trying to come up with 3 at the moment. Thanks USIKU

Laughing Muse said... mean the Mister Linky thing? Not all browsers will work with that - I know that up until about four months ago, I couldn't post to those through my browser of choice. (Also, I only just added mine for this week, as I only just actually wrote my post.)

Helena said...

Laughing Muse, I didn't realize that, thanks for the FYI.