Monday, May 28, 2007

I got this site from over at Kwigiver's blog. { }
Hope you don't mind me linking on to it., but I think it's a pretty cool thing. She also has some other fun things over there, like what is your Indian spirit. Mine is a spider, and it may sound awefull but it really is not. Almost like if you were to dream of a snake and you think its a bad thing really it is not, the snake is a healing power with in. Kundalin power;life forse,creative energy, Holy Spirit healing power with in. Dam I ramble on to much from one yadda to another. This was a to be a short post, with updates later on my dating weekend, so for now on with I Say you Say!

  1. Dancer :: Figure Skating competions

  2. Intellectual :: Smart

  3. Direct :: Stern

  4. Tolerate :: Patience

  5. Post :: Blog

  6. Instinctive:: Telephathic

  7. Brink :: Gold

  8. Regain :: Control

  9. Repulsed :: Grossed

  10. Distressed :: Saddened Unconscious Mutterings.
Happy Trails!! And Memorial Day, say a prayer of thanks to all our fallen Soldiers, and the ones still serving to keep the freedom you have!!

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midgie said...

i can not open your page to go to the web site on the top of your page. help me