Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Best cereal around!!

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I have finally made it onto a box of cereal, and a sign in Hollywood. Yippie now the benifits will start to roll in. Today was a long day and I just needed some fun to occupy my hour before I fall asleep. The new guy at work, worked half of a route. And it took him 4 hours. On thursday he needs to do the whole route in 4 hours. I don't think he will, he brought back almost every parcel he took out. He forgot his scanner, and instead of going back to get it,,,he just brought the packages back. Those that HAD to get delivered and scanned DELIVERED.It really is a hard job, and you gotta have a game plan in motion as you plan out the day. I color code things and
Image created at GlassGiant.comAnd my plan works for me. This is like his 4th or 5th time out there, and I really don't thing he gets it. I can see how Thursday shall go, I will do my route and some of that route-UGH. I will bask in the sun on the morrow and enjoy the day, hopefully ending early. Next week, I shall be back to my 3 days on 4 days off,,,I can not wait!!! LOL and this week has just begun---------Happy Trails!!


Anonymous said...

come to my sit and fix the cereal for me.......

Helena said...

LOL,,My Guru Sister, I shall.