Sunday, May 27, 2007

Situation Sunday # 8

Situation Sunday

#1} A sibling or closest friend for one reason or another asks you to supply the eggs, or give birth to baby for them. Could you?
#2} Your aging parents who live in another state, have arrived on your door step, and they have declared they are now going to live out the rest of their lives with you. How do you handle that?
{ Sorry so late posting this. I had the bottle flue this am. But fun last night ;>) Helena


midgie said...

Situation Sunday
No way would i do that . It is so much work to have a kid and i would get atached to fast.
#2} tell them you will help them look for a nice place near you. Have them come in and talk to them. tell them you are trying to look at the whole picture and not just for them so they will look at things in a diffrent way.

Kwizgiver said...

Great questions! Hope the bottleflu goes away soon!


Graeme said...

Hi Helena! Bournemouth is on the south coast of England. Here is a link to it on wikipedia - if you have time to read it lol...I learnt a lot about my own town!

Helena said...

Hi Graeme, I started to check out your town, read a lot, but still much to go. I am intreged by it, I am sure much history went on there, back when people would privateer. { Too many fiction books I read of Nobles in day and Pirattes at night, lol. I shall read more later.

Cat. said...

I'm up here. Thanks for the addition to my vocabulary, too: "bottle flu." Hee hee hee