Thursday, May 17, 2007

Holiday begins

Today begins my Holiday, Do I sleep late-NOOOOO. The dog who was mine but hangs out all the time with {J}, awakes me at 4:30 am, He tried at 3am, nudging me and whining, but I pretended not to hear. I am surprised he didn't jump up or grab my blankets. I think Bingo is excited to go camping. He is all packed and so is {J}. I shall pack after my coffee. The weather is going to be cold and rainy, the kind of days that call for Chicken noodle soup and P/J sandwiches. I have 17 new DVD's of movies I borrowed from my friend Linda, so even if we just hang out in the camper and watch movies it will be fun. No work and no cell service, total relaxation.{J} usually does all the cooking camping. We went shopping last night. Some old lady wasn't paying attention to what she was doing and rammed her cart into my hip, I have a nice bruise there but it really didn't hurt. I have put my Situation Sunday questions into my draft, so all I have to do is hit a button and they are done. I shall do that Saturday , I do have to come down from the mountain and work. Hopefully the mail will be lite that day. Check out some of the links to the right here. Joe's blog I always find amusing. I haven't read Ryan's lately,but before I go I will check them all out. Can't wait to start taking some pixs up in the hills. Happy Trails!!!

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