Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Another favorite customer

Wordless Wednesday,,,,{OK, I am putting words in here, but they will be softer.......This is one of my favorites on Rt. 1 when I deliver. I have spoiled 3 dogs on one road. I used to have a cute rottweiler with a blue and brown eye jump in the window for a treat, he told this guy, now the other dog sits along side and this one peeks in for a bone. Farther down the road there is this old Shepard that would come for a treat,,until last week this dog came racing up the road and tackled him, took his bone like a Bully. Yesterday I played on Pc before work, and as usual I started racing around the house, couldn't get it together, { J} with his smart remark,,Why you racing Dear,,,I should have know my chemistry was changing,,,I barked at him "Shut the F**k up. Woo aren't we getting testy. He knows I am late,,I think he will hide in bed till I leave today- Happy Trails!!!


Anonymous said...

i love that dog just put it in the mail truck for me.well have a good day. ask immy when we can come back. maybe for the up amd coming holiday.

Helena said...

He is to big, Sorta like Kujo was. The next upcoming holiday, I have my girlfriend Marry Ellen coming over to hang out and party with me.I am going to introduce her to some single male friends.