Monday, May 14, 2007

New Week

Every where I look, new things are blooming. I worked a few hours on Saturdays around my yard here, that I call my farm. I have a currant bush and 4 strawberry plants, and now 2 raspberry plants. I think that qualifies as a farm. My perennial garden is looking so nice. I laid the fresh mulch down and new rocks and I am ahead of the weeds. In the summer we do so much and go so many places by September the weeds have won. Summer here truley is so short, I really would like to eliminate fall from the season and just have 3 with more being summer. On the morrow I do route #3 for 2 days, Can't remember when I was on it last. The case has changed, the people have changed. The regular guy that does it will be off training some where and his sub is busy so I said I would do it. I went there practicing it today and the regular came and was helping me put up the magazines. I really think he liked working by me,,I bet I excited him. He accidentally brushed up against my leg,,and I had to think---did I shave them this am, for a nice smooth touch, thank God I did,whew. I would have hated if they were stubby. OOPs it is now movie time---Happy Trails!!!

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