Tuesday, April 24, 2007

two days...lots of yadda.

Ok,,So I am sure by now everyone has figured out I like scenery and the rustic look, or pictures that would make a great postcards, perhaps someday I might do that. I really would love to enlarge a lot of my shots and open a gallery to display them. Yesterday we brought Jenny up to the "plane station", before we left her house she was taking numerous shots to show her Moma'. I Had her schedule or wrong, she got back from Paris at the beginning of the week, now she was off to see family in Dallas and take in the Jazz festival in New Orleans, Dam how I wish I could have packed my bag and headed out with her. Instead I found my self up in Albany--{ Bigger City= Tons of stores} Only problem there was {J} got tired and cranky after he started to shop and found what he wanted and patience level with me was at a 1,,,I hate shopping with him. I grabbed first bathing suit I saw and liked and hoped it fitted. It did and looked great,,I guess if I had more time I would have bought to much any how. Today was a little chilly than yesterday by about 20 degrees. I headed out to help my sister in law set up her blog, Check it out to the places I journey to, Her blog is there,,..(mental moment forgetting the name......Live, laugh.love. I will get it right when I add it so check it out. Went up to the "home" today,,,with in a few seconds I could tell my patient wasn't right. I asked her aide if she has been like this long,,and when she toileted her 2 hours ago,,she almost feel asleep on toilet, same as now. Almost on border line comatose,,[ I might exaggerate, but to me its a big deal], I asked the nurse to check BP...seemed normal to her...high to me thou...I asked her to check her O2 level,,,,that was very , very low. She called Dr. and ambulance,,,then I find out she has a UTI,,and is dehydrated. How stupid is that. You always give extra fluids then,,at least 80z.in a freakin day. It really ticks me off. I asked her roommate how she slept last night and she said " I think she is in shock from always having someone very attentive and now trying to adjust to not "I wish I could take her home and have her live out her last days as special. To me it is very sad that as we are up there in age and close to death,,,we become a number and less of a person. But not every one is like that,,just a small percentage that a lot are not aware about. The door is closed- curtains draw. If any one was to just go to a "Home" and watch,,,sit back and observe they would find all the faults....I keep trying to find all the plus there is and I know there is a lot maybe if they weren't so short staffed things would be so much better. I am off again on the morrow,,,last day to my weekend--Happy Trails!!

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