Monday, April 23, 2007


Yesterday was ranked one of my best days. Here is a shot of me helping {J} on the boat. Well I did help for about 15 minutes then I ran to this new place and picked us up lunch, and we had our first outdoor picnic of the year. I got us a wrap to split, it was awesume it was called a Haley's wrap,named from the bakery. It had tender grilled chicken breast rolled up in a tomato tortilla with cheddar-jack cheese,green leaf, tomato and pesto mayo, {J} loved it. I am definitely into wraps these days, On Saturday's I usually make breakfast wraps for all of us at work. I got to use my new camera and take some cool shots. I just love spring time. A few ducks were by the water and a pair of Canadian Geese, It is so cool I call them in Polish and they all come to me,,I feed them a loaf of bread. And took there pictures for a later date. Finally got to work in my Garden. I have a nice mound of purple Crocus up, and daffodils in bloom. So much to do out there, I really should hire a profession to help me. My flowers are put in , in no order--But I did try to put the taller perennials in the back. When more come into bloom I shall posts some pics. I also need to buy more stone for the path in it, and maybe a bench so I can sit out there and watch the hummingbirds and butterflies,,,I will post a sign for no Bees! They don't hurt me but they scare me. I hate walking among them when they are working. Today it shall be in the 80's again. Have to take my friend to the airport, she is going to Paris for a month or so. Lucky her,,,Times a wasting gotta make the most of the day...Happy Trails!!!!


Laughing Muse said...

Ducks are such accomplished opportunists! The slightest chance that a human will feed them, and it's "Wildness? What is this 'wildness' bilge you're spouting? Now give me that bread!!"

Sounds like you had a wonderful day!

Helena said...

The ducks are tamed,,my Uncle owns them. The Geese on another hand are not- Free food even the fish will come for that, check out awhile back my little brother feeding the deer. LOL..I once trained a squirel to scratch at the door for peanuts. I did have a wonderfull day. Hope yours was great to!