Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Free Days

Yesterday was Monday but to me it was the start to my weekend. I have now 2 days off in a row,,Yippy!! But I still go to the "Home" 2 hours a day on those days,,but I go late so I am taking advantage of not rushing any where. The weather has been crappy lately. We had a Northeastern pass through here and we got tons of rain...{ I think most of it came when I was either sleeping or not looking}. Numerous roads were closed,,a few cars swept up in the current,,,do to stupid drivers, driving around road closed signs. Basements were flooded. My brother had the fire department pump him out twice. My basement is a dirt floor, earth. It always gets wet when it rains. I wish this storm brought snow as my sister got up in Rome, NY. I went to Wally world and purchased a new camera,,It is a Fujifilm-finepix, f470. That came with tons of instructions. I hate instructions and never read them so it took me many hours trying to figure out how to get the pics in my pc,,,But I did it. And I love the wide screen for viewing. My other camera was a Olympus FE115, And I loved it till I broke the LCD monitor. This shot in this photo is our club house,,,many hours will be spent cleaning it back to new again. Our other boat club sits up on a hill,,,smart move there. Soon I will be able to capture my numerous plants in bloom. I went out this am, and how I wished the weather was nicer so I could play in the garden. I see lots of my plants have survived the winter and some have multiplied. My crocus are all in bloom, and soon the daffodils shall follow. I need to get off my but and hit the gym....Happy Trails!!!!!!
{Ugh (J) just informed me I have a flat tire....


Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I hate instructions, too! ("If all else fails, resort to the instructions.")

WOW! That's a LOT of water.

Helena said...

I wished instruction were more simplified. The instruction book has like 50 pages. Yes that was a lot of water,,it was taken at high tide,,so now till the creeks calm down,,it will get flooded again.