Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Open Letter To All

My sympathy goes out to all those affected by the sense less killing of all those people at Virginia Tech University. All those lives, and more destroyed by one student. It makes you wonder how someone can cause and inflict that much pain and sorrow. Why didn't he just end his life first.I just heard on TV there is a fine line between suicide and homicide. I did not loose any one there, but I can imagine the pain those that are living feel, It was so senseless 32people shot, trying to learn and teach. The Mothers and Fathers, brothers and sisters, and friends time may soften the blow, but sorrow shall always be there, I am so sorry. Even the murder's parents,,,I am sure they are feeling pain,,,why didn't they notice their son's behavior. A normal person would not have done that,,,did they see or know or even feel that their son was capable of ruining sooo many lives. No one will ever have the answers of why and how come. All we can do is pray it shall never happen again. May everyone Trails be Happy {Safe}Trails


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