Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday's rambling

This has been a full weekend, busy for the most part with a bit of a party. Friday after doing the mail I ran to see my patient at the "home". I could tell she was not feeling good right away, I had the aides take her temp,,it was 99.6. For her that is high,,she runs a low grade temp on good days. They gave her Tylenol.{ If they were more observant of their patients, they wouldn't need a visitor to tell them she was sick} I know if she was home she would get better care. I reported all to her Son, He was going there for me Saturday night. I had a Comador party at our club house. That was fun but strange,,,,Not many people showed up,,only about 40,,,Food was catered,,the best thing was the stuffed sole. They also had stuffed turkey but it was overpowerd by sage, I like sage but too much of the spice spoils the food. { Master Chief here}. We got home later than I planned,,,around 11pm,,by the time I unwinded it was after 1am,,,,and I had a lot planned for today. Here in the North East we changed our clocks,,,spring time,,so they went ahead 1 hour. My sister was down looking at houses. I think they might have found one,,,but I wanted to show her a house I noticed on my mail route,,,we all drove down to it,,,Midgy in one car,,Bobby in his,,and me in mine. The first house I thought looked nice,,at a distance. When we all got out and walked around it we saw all the faults. The biggest one being the ceilings are to low,,,My brother Boby could not stand up in any of the rooms,,,he is 6 ft 7. I would clear the room with just 2inches before the ceiling. I think it was made for short people. The secound one looked at was nice. Had 2 ponds,,,nice deck. 2 car garage,,Had a small barn and a fence all around for a horse to graze comphy. I could picture having gardens their. Tommorow I will call for a price. I would love to get it and live their. And then tell Midgy how much it is. unfortently if they just want to give it away,,,for tax reasons,,,I will take it. The weather here today shows signs of spring. The snow is melting quickly and new ponds are popping up all over the place,,,everything is getting soggy. Soon I will be boating and gardening,,,,Sure hope I will have time to do all the fun things.Right now I gotta go visit the sandman and dream.....Happy Trails!!!!

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