Friday, March 09, 2007

Photo Hunt

The photo hunt picture this week is Architecture,,,I got it by hopping over to Ryan's blog,,,which sent me to Claire's. This is of a famous seafood restaurant in Ipswich, MA. We drove past it numerous times on a hike to one place or another,,,and there always was a line waiting to get in. I have read numerous articles about the place in tourist books and reviews. In Yankee,,and Gourmet magazines. And one day as we went past no line,,my brother and his family and {J} and I went in,,there was 4 people ahead of us,,by the time we ordered there was 30 waiting to order next. The food was great for being that type of restaurant,,,I am not into food cooked in oil thou--no matter how often the oil is changed,,,The other's they loved it. I had a batch of fried oysters and a salad,,,Plentiful dish. The building is neat in its self as it looks like a box of fried food,,and from the looks of the guy going into it,,,it hasn't been his first time,,lol,,,- Happy Photo Hunt and Happy Trails!!!


Gattina said...

I am getting hungry reading your description, special interpretation of the word, lol !

Helena said...

Hi Gattina, If your ever in this spot of the world, Check it out, I guess it's work waiting in line for. I checked out your profile and we share the same sign,,LOL, And love of cats! :>)-Helena

Claire said...

Hey thanks for the visit, i was hiking yesterday so i am catching up on photo hunters tonight.
Thats a great shot, just the type of place i would visit if i ever make it over to the US.

Helena said...

Hi Claire, Hope you had a great hike, I bet you got some great shots in too! I'll have to check out the other photo hunters.