Monday, March 12, 2007


(Now why wasn't some-one around to say...Gram those glasses gotta go.)
This here is a picture of my "Bobchi", She was a wise women and taught me alot that I would need later in life.{Don't show to much flesh,,,flaunt and leave some to the imagination} The blanket on her bed she made her self. As I look at the picture I can see she had no paintings or pictures on the wall, her house was always clean,,and she was either baking or sewing or knitting. I think the paper she was reading might have been the funnies,,,she loved Orphaned Annie,,,I can recall my Mom and her talking about it.{As if they new the characters personally, Maybe the did} She came over from the "Old Country" as it was called. Later in life I knew the "Old Country" was Poland. My one Uncle Whitey {her son} who ran away from home at the young age of 35 to become a derelict, In the NY city,,,avoided any family connections think he must have been into either drugs or achohol, why else would you run away,,,any how he did come home to die,,,My sister Milly brought him to her house and I helped take care of him till he went to the Hospice unit at our local hospital, Any how I loved hearing his stories of why he ran away---We all were driving him freaking nuts,,,lol. My Bobchi had a very small kitchen and it was Easter Sunday,,,all the women folk were in the kitchen, My Mom and her two sister-in-laws,,,and they were all 9 months pregnant and trying to move around the kitchen was a freakin joke to him as he watched. I was there....In the belly so I can't recall a lot,,as I am sure my cousins Lenny and David could vouch for that. Later on as I grew older and was at my Bobchi's house I would be in another room,,and I would practice acting and talking like my older brother or sister ,,,and he would swear that they were there,,as I try to analyze it now,,,perhaps he was suffering from more of mental illness,,,bi-polar or schizo,,,or since he never married maybe he was gay and just didn't know how to deal with it then,,,,wish he realized his Mother loved him unconditionally. My Mom carries that trait of loving her children, no matter what they do. I probably will miss that part of life not having any children of my own. All day long I was recalling a conversation I had with a friend @ guy's and jeans,,and was going to post about that. But as I searched my pics and saw "Bobchi",,,and my thoughts changed,,,,so next post is totally a "girl Thang",,,perhaps Tuesday shall be that....Rantings and ravings on "Girl Thangs",,On lighter notes check out the places I journey too,,,,some great posts there....Happy Trails!!!


txdave said...

There are good things abt your blog, good color, some interesting reading, the salad, dessert structure, but you need to edit more carefully.

Internet readers tend to return to blogs with a focused theme.

Photos are great when they're something universally appreciated, not family except sometimes kids photos.

Some variety of font/format is always better, as well as shorter posts, smaller bites to make a blog livlier, see wht I mean:

good luck


Helena said...

Thanks Dave,,I rarely post family photo's unless it is B/W,,,and I feel I need to,,,LOL. I do tend to ramble on,,,making post shorter is a try,,,The assertiveness I am sure I need in my every day life,,,I am too soft hearted,,And edit more carefully I know is a must. Check back again,,,And Thanks!!!