Sunday, March 25, 2007

sunday scribblings

This is how I spent most of my Sunday,,,At a flower show up at the college with my #1 patient and her son. We had such a nice time. It is so nice to see so much in bloom, and the scents, Lilac with all the fragrance. I got a lot of great idea's from it. This flower arrangement in the picture have ginger roots at its base.{How artistic} I thought that was so cool. Every thing I tried to buy for my self her son ended up buying for me. When he wasn't looking I bought him some sugarless jelly. And I got his Mom a pair of hand made earrings from Italy,,,{ Or so they say,LOL}. We stayed a lot longer than I planned. Left there at 3pm and was due at her other son's for lunch at 1;30. We arrived there a tad bit late,,,but they were fine with it. My pt. has a severe URI,,,{Upper respiratory infection},,I have been thinking of taking her home for a week to see if I can clear it and get her healthy to go back to the home, She definitely needs one on one,,,to encourage her to drink and cough up what is rattling there. Right now it sucks to be her. I got home around 8ish,,,to beat to actually think and write,,,so shall on a later note----Happy Trails!!!!!

{A snowy owl,,,made out of 2 Gerber Daisies and Chrysanthemums, with a Bay leaf for the nose}

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