Friday, March 23, 2007


I am waiting for the arrival of a new spring. I long for it!! The smells, the scents and the sounds. The feelings you get. It will come soon and I will embrace it in all it's glory. I will spend more time in the garden, hiking, boating, biking and camping. Building a fire, and toasting marsh mellows. I even await going on hikes and getting scared in the woods-lions & tigers and Bears, Oh my! I will kayak up the creek and catch herring in my bare hands,,,I will teach my nephew how to do that. I might even go night crawler hunting for fun. Catch a few lighting bugs, and gently let them fly away,,Ahh, Spring I am waiting. This picture I love. This doggy would race to see me,,follow me down the road. He knew I had milk bones for him. He was staying at this house for just a few weeks. Such a cute face,,He must have went home,,I haven't seen him all week. I go to this other house and they have a boxer and a Rottweiler,,{BIG DOGS},they race out to see me as I get out of the truck to deliver a parcel. I met the man of the house,,,he said to me aren't you scared of the dogs....{ as they sat wagging there tails,,sitting by me}...I told him no,,,they like me,,,I bribe them,,lol. He laughed. I like meeting new people and critters on this new route. I shared my lunch..a Luna bar with a deer yesterday. Of course I had to throw it to him/her,,,she was a few feet away. They seem not afraid on the Holy land I was on. I service a religious order that is right next to a State park were no hunting is permitted. No wonder it takes me sooo long to do the route. My day was long and I arrived home late. Last night I was reading a few of my favorite blogs I have posted here. I went to Joe's blog of interview. And I latched on to a site the person who was interviewed goes to--It was this guy,,,,{ Cute I might add} up in Canada. Who graduated with a degree in business,,,but he couldn't decide what to do, and his father told him to do a job he loves to go to,,,not one he has to. So he is working various jobs for 1 week at a time, and donating his pay to stop poverty. Very cool site check it out at He is searching for a passion, not just a job. I will add him to my favorites later when I come home,,,,For now it's off to my JOB,,,,Which I do like!!! Happy Trails!!!!

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