Sunday, March 25, 2007

sunday scribbling

This here shot is my kitchen,,,I have always wanted it painted yellow. Like the sun,,,warm and inviting....even if only I see it. I added a corner cabinet next to the sink that I love. {J} wanted to get 2...put one on one wall the second on the wall by fridge,,,,Ugh I thought,,,I hate cabinets to begin with. I have to upload a more recent shot thou. I got rid of the dishwasher,,,I never used it, I replaced it with a cool white stand for plants. My stove is old,,,about 50 years,,,much wider than the present day ones,,,,I was going to get rid of it but after a friend raved how great it was, nice big oven I decided to keep it.This is just a little shot of one corner ,,,,if it was clean I would have taken a more recent one. I do love my kitchen thou,,,and I love having flowers in it all year long,,,,some days I wish I could just stay home and putty around the kitchen---------For now ....Happy Trails!!!!

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