Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sunday Scribblings

Inspiration: The word for today's Sunday Scribbler. Every thing inspires me is like a chain of re-action. In this photo here my nephew has learned to fold table napkins,,,he turned it into a hat. I saw a friends girlfriend wearing a funky hat,,,I made one with wool using my own design. As I was creating my masterpiece I thought about selling them at the Hawthorne farm store and making them into Feng Shui,,,product,,,where the braids had numeric meaning---it inspired me to create. This is such a cute photo of my nephew. He is very shy,,,quiet and soft spoken. When we were on the cruise he did what his brother said he was going to do....Try new things,,,he did Kare-okie {sp}...was so cool to see him up there singing in front of all. I don't even have the balls to do that. Speaking of that I have to get up early and travel numerous miles to go to JURY duty at the capital for Supreme Court--I do not know what that entails,,,all I know is....I do not want my outcome to put a person behind numerous years behind bars,,if I don't think that would help. Humm,,,,if a wife killed her husband for years of abuse,,,good for her,,,she is free. If some one robbed a store and killed the owner,,,don't send him to prison,,,kill him,,I guess my justice is sorta like a eye for a eye,,,,wish me luck on this......Happy Tails!!!

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