Saturday, March 17, 2007

One with Nature

This first pic,,I took delivering the mail,,,I stopped by the edge of the road,,this deer was 4 feet from truck,,and moving closer in towards road,,to graze...behind in scattered in the forest were 7 more. I tried as I might to get him to look up,,,he did a few times and when I got the camera ready he just kept on eating,,,I called to him,,,I whistled...I banged on truck,,,Nada I was not going to disturb his meal. Every time I ride on this road I see deer in the same location,,,I stop and talk to them,,,I know it's weird but it breaks up my Mundane day. And I think they are recognizing me. My baby brother...{6'7",,,goes out his door and calls the deer and they come out of the woods,,,pretty cool hu?...And before any one thinks,,,I stole this picture from Midgy's blog...I did--Hehehe--{Great Shot Midge}

Bobby doesn't look happy to me here thou,,,He looks tired,,,or could it be guilty because he ate the mother,,,humm. Notice how the deer has his head down like he wants to be pet between the ears,,,,I find this very cool. It is hard to think he shoots these animals and eats them. But he never shoots the ones he knows. He is a avid hunter. Actually all of my brothers and cousins love to hunt. My older brother even hunts Wabbits---And both of their wives love to cook all they get,, My {J} fishes,,,and feels guilty if he can't release the hook with out killing them. And he should since he doesn't eat fish. I was brought up eating all that stuff,,,grant it I had no choice,,,,but now that I do,,,,I won't. I enjoy buying what I eat. Once I went clamming in Maine,,up near Canada,,And I took great pleasure out of eating them. But I only did that once. I can't even enjoy now putting a lobster in a pot of boiling water.....It is just to cruel to be the one to inflict the pain on another thing then eat it. I cant imagine trying to figure out what made Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer do what they did,,,and think that was normal. The more I dwell on the subject I lean to being a vegetarian,,,On that note,,,and reading a bunch of crime lab reports,,I am going to bed,,,,Happy Trails!!!!,

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