Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Promise of the day

This sunrise looks like the promise of a great day. I took this back in January in the Caribbean. Today looks like that kind of day. I awoke early,,the sun is shinning nicely,,A little chilly but not bad. I have to take my fist patient to the Dr's. She will dread leaving her house of 80 degrees and heading out to 34 degrees. Her circulation is bad,,and she feels the cold much worse than I. Yesterday we drove up to Albany,,I had jury duty in Supreme court,,was a tad bit nervous not knowing what to expect. It was very interesting the parts I took part in. I did get excused thou---The case would have went into next week,,,and they only pay you $40 dollars a day. I would have had a financial hardship,,,since I make over $200 a day. { J} got embarrassed I told the Judge that,,,but that was the truth. If they could have paid me more our at least half of what I make I would have stayed,,,but I racked up the bills going on holiday and I plan to have them all paid off by a certain date. Petty I know I am, but just at times. Yesterday up at the "Home" I found my patient sitting in front of the TV with all the other patients,,,no one was interacting,,they are placed there like a mother would put her child in front of a TV,,,and ignore. She looked like no one bothered to even comb her hair,,,food from lunch stained her clothes from no one putting a bib on her,,,all the aides were very busy sitting on there asses catching up on their latest gossip. I straightened her up and did oral care which is never done by any one there. She loved the attention. Supper came and we were sitting at the assigned table with one lady that would just like to remain asleep,,,and another lady that turned her meal into a big plate of soup,,,she poured the milk on it,,,then the juice,,,by the time I was aware of what she was doing it was to late,,,I called the nurse over and asked him if I could try something with her,,,,give her one item at a time....1 glass of ensure---she drank it. Then I gave her a bowl of soup,,,she ate half of it,,,,I then replaced that with a nutrition pudding,,,,she ate that. So from now on they will try that. All it took was a little common sense but most of the staff lack that. Hopefully today all will be different. I am going to make the most of it---Enjoy---Happy Trails!!!!!


Ryan Velting said...

that is a very beautiful sunset! :)

Helena said...

How can you tell it is a sunset? I thought it was one of my ealy am shots.