Tuesday, March 27, 2007

SYmpothY PleasEeeeeee

I put a old shot of one of my favorite photo's. For those that have no idea where it is,,,It is Star Island out in the Atlantic Ocean up near Portsmouth,,I think the only way to stay there is in a group or Seminar. It is a Island retreat. When we were there they had a religious order there,,which one I forget. For any one wondering where I was on Monday,,,,Why didn't I answer more phone or IM messages.....Here's the scoop---Sunday night I went to bed as usual by 10pm,,,I awoke with severe stomach ache,,,I was sweating,,,dizzy,,and on border of exploding from all ends,,,I raced wobbly to the bathroom,,,upchucked all the continents from my stomach,,,Had total runs,,,Explosions every 2 seconds,,,My stomach hurt like never before....I have never had this in all of my 29 years{CHOKE},,,,I took a pain pill and thought that might help my stomach...nope I was up every 15 minutes,,,for hours. The pain still didn't leave my tummy. {J} thought I had food poising---And lucky for him it wasn't his food. I had to call the regular at the PO and tell her I couldn't cover for her,,,I ruined her day and all her plans,,,felt bad about that,,,but this is something I have never done in all of 13 years at PO,,,call the morning I was to work and say I was too sick to go in. I took another pain pill at 6am,,,I really should have went to the ER. I finally fell asleep till 1pm,,,got up had some ginger ale,,,,went back to bed till 5pm,,,from there I moved to the recliner in living room,,,{J} made me some perfect poached eggs,,,I ate half of them and more came back out,,,Can't figure that out. Fell back to sleep till 11pm,,Then I decided time to go to bed...slept till 6:30 am,,,,Got up made coffee,,,and still don't feel right. I can't cancel on the day,,,I have to take a patient to the doctors,,,,then I have a house hold tech job for 2 hours,,,then Up to the nursing home,,,NOT. I can cancel on that,,,no way am I spreading this there or getting any more germs from them.....Ugh I hate being sick,,,Going to try to use mind over matter,,,and pres wade myself into thing I am healthy,,,,Shit might as well think I am skinny to,,,lol---Stay Healthy All---Any one wanna test my food for me before I eat it????? Happy Trails.............{ clear paths to the bathroom}

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