Friday, March 09, 2007

Friday's feast

Appitizer: What is your usual bed time? Do you like that, or rather it be different? My time bedtime is usually 10:30pm, If I could pack all that I do in aday and get home by 4pm,,I would definetly love to go to bed at 9pm...falling asleep watching T.V.

Soup: When it comes to advice, do you give more or recieve more? I definetly give more advice,,,lol,,even when not asked.

Salad: Discribe a memorable meal you had. I Would have to say last night,,,I marinated steak tips and planned to cook them for supper,,,I was having a very hard long day out in the cold delivering mail,,,it was seeming like one of those endless days,,,I called { J } and asked him to please cook the steak tips,,he did not sound happy about that,,,I got home around 7pm,,,He had the house looking nice and smelling so good,,,he did a exellent job cooking them and even fried me onions,,,grilled squash, and a red potatoe,,everything was perfect,,,He even cleaned up for me :>)
Main course: Name a work of fiction that effected the way you think about something. First thing that came to mind was Dorothy of the Wizard of Oz, clicking her heals wanting to go home and ends up there in bed. But I guess and I know it is corny but "Little House on the Prairie,,,
Desert: What is your favorite type of Fruit Juice? Do the grapes in wine count? LOL,,,I love Peach and Mango...all the fruit drinks actually,,,Even prune juice at times.

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