Friday, March 16, 2007

Fridays's Feast

Appetizer: Name two things that made you smile this week. 1) Getting a special kiss from some-one that things I an terrific in every way. 2) Madee made me a scarf for Christmas,,,and some-one else needed it more than I and they stole it,,(at the "Home") , She made me another one.

Soup: Fill in the blank. Don't you hate it when It rains and you have a day of boating planned.

Salad: When you can't go to sleep, what your personal remedy to help you drift off to lullaby Land. I usually will have either a glass of wine or a cup of special calming brew Tea,,,Then I put either a history program or something really boring on TV and set the timer to go off and I fall right to sleep.
What is that you have always wondered but have never found the answer. Many, many I will just stick with who decided to eat what ever came out of a chickens butt first.
What is your favorite pasta dish. Angel hair pasta with pesto,,or olive oil and garlic.


Ryan Velting said...

dang.. now i'm hungry.. of to the kitchen!

Helena said...