Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Monday in my world

This picture sorta reminds me of a dysfunctional spider web. The way the branches go. If you look closely on a branch you will see the full moon. I took this up at Olana,,down by the pond. The light from the moon and snow sorta made the ice blueish. Yesterday for a Monday it went pretty good, everything just seemed to flow along good. Surprising I was on time for everything I did,,for a Monday that was good. On my way to the "Home",,{J} called and told me he noticed Wally world had a sale on pocketbooks,,,all kinds marked down to a dollar,, with all the bags I have designer ones I really didn't need any but the thing with girls and a sale is true,,,I picked up 10 bags,,,I'll give some away. And at the grocery store on Sunday they had a mark down on Paul DeLima coffee,,Usually $8.99 a bag,,120z. They had that for a dollar,,I bought 5 bags,,,thought I would try it...it was great,,,I went back and bought them all up but 2,,,didn't want to be greedy. At the end of the day I got home at 8pm,,,{J} was at a meeting so I had the whole place to my self,,,I just love my quiet time at the end of the day---I whipped up a batch of chocolate brownie cupcakes with peanut frosting,,I didn't eat any,,,on my diet so even thou the temptation was there,,I was strong. Today I will bring 6 to work,,every one can have just one,,and then I shall try it. {J} said they were awesome...he had 3 and just loved the frosting. I started this post yesterday,,but I am sure some are unaware of the cyper pirates, They come when your post is almost complete and steal it,,,,They then take it back to their planet in cyber space and post it as their own. So if you ever have a post just vanish and think "what the hell happened",,,you now know the answer----Happy Trails!!!


Anonymous said...

well have a good day love ya. eat one for me...

bskaad said...

Hey you.
Thanks for the review om my blog.

There is something about female and sale, they just short circuit and go into buying mode :-)
Hope you got allot of great stuff..

Back to me :-)
I've taken more pictures, but the time !!
It's way to few hours in a day but i will try to do some posting between work and study.

Have a nice day.