Tuesday, March 06, 2007


This place fasinates me...I can't image when I look around and only see 2 skeletons of a home,,that this was once a busy booming area. Reminds me of the Gold Ghost town of the west. There was a little old lady that used to live here about 5 years ago,,,but now she to has moved on,,,I can actually feel like a Aura when I am here,,It is kinda strange. I'm trying to do something new,,,like
post 3 different shots and move them around the page,,,should be interesting to see if I can do it,,,I fell asleep waiting for them to upload,,and thankful the phone broke me out of my trance.
It was my little sister Midgey,,,she was just getting back from the hospital. My nephew has diabetes he had since birth,,he has been dealt many blows for such a sweet kid,,my heart goes out to him and my prayers. My sister was afraid his kidney's were shutting down. When she called they were doing flushes on him. { J } has diabetes also,,,he got it later in life and used to get very bad kidney stones,,,,I blame it on diet,,,which is proven but he still doesn't follow my advice. But I believe if you just drink soda,,,liters a day it harms you,,,diet soda or regular,, I hope that is all Micheal has is kidney stones. I used to drink 2 - 16 oz of Diet Dr. Pepper,,,a day,,,but now I try to just drink water or diet green tea during the day. Soda was making me bloated,,,worse than beer. Hopefully by tomorrow we will know more on Mikey's condition,,,any one reading this please say a prayer for him,,Thanks in advance---Happy Trails!!!

I always wondered if I could put 3 picks up at once,,,,if any one wants to know how this is it..When you hit your upload,,and after you choose first pic,,,hit add another button. After all the pictures are on blog,,,you need to go to the Edit Html tab,,,next to the compose. Once there,,your pictures become Tags, each starting with <>. Highlight the pics you want to move,,,then click copy in your edit button,,then hit cut,,,then paste it where you want.{ By going back to the Compose Button} Life is always a learning lesson,,If you were to ask me 2 years ago how to do this I wouldn't have the foggiest idea. When {J} and I got our first computer,,,he got very upset,,,"How did I know so much about it} and my knowledge truly is limited,,,he swore some one,,a guy I am sure was teaching me it in between our mad passionate love embraces,,,I am self learned on numerous subjects,,,and more blind on others---Helena

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