Sunday, March 04, 2007


Ok, I followed or should I say tried to follow Ryan's tips on how to take a great shot. The tip that says always use a flash,,,is a very good tip,,even better if we weren't so retarded and knew how to turn on the flash on the digital camera. My friend Matt turned it on for me at a function recently and showed me how,,but with my adult ADD I can't figure it out. I self diagnosed my self with that learning difficulty. I'll see Matt later and shall bring my camera so he can show me again. I used to work with him at the Post Office,,he is a neat person. He and his girlfriend are renting a apartment a few blocks from me. They are a young couple starting out,,so slowly they add things to there apartment. I found this very neat black marble looking dresser on the route yesterday,,,{J} said leave it, I thought of that young couple and told the lady I will be back for it,,,we put it on her porch,,It was heavy. I called {J} and told him I am getting it for Matt. He called me a freaking weirdo. To me that is doing a good dead. I remember my first apartment...very bare. My bedroom consisted of a bed on the floor,,,and my night stand was a box with a cover on it. Boy have things changed,,,20 years later,,I'm in my house and I cannot add any more furniture or pictures to it,,It is complete. I need to get a spare place and start again,,lol. This picture I took at dusk,,,I got out of my car and approached the deer,,,he was not disturbed my my visit,,Thanked him and left----Happy Trails!!!!


Ryan Velting said...

Hahahaha... That is GREAT!!!

How in the WORLD did it let you get so danged close??? Around here, if we get within 75 yards they take right off..

Ah yes, the flash tip. maybe would have made a difference. lol I like it like this too though. With this shot you demonstrated my Rule #10 where i think I mentioned knowing the rules and knowing when to break them.. :)

Hope you are well. (feeling a bit better here).

Ryan Velting said...

Oh, and almost forgot - ADD is fun!!

Just look at this comment, my ADD kicked in and I forgot to write this so because of it I was able to come back and write yet another comment!!


Helena said...

Thanks Ryan. I was trying to figure out what ADD you saw,,as in Advertize ment,,,lol,,then I figured it out. When I saw Matt that day,,I forgot to ask him to set my camera,,so more shots like that to come. I talked to the deer as I was taking his pic,,I just think he knew I wasn't going to hurt him, Glad your doing better.