Thursday, March 15, 2007

nekkid thursday post

Happy Nekkid Thursday!!. This shot I took of a willing participant,,,when I told him I needed new shots of body parts...he was very willing to help me out ;.) I was a little surprised to see the man boobs thou. How big does a guy have to get to start wearing a bra? Do they even make men's bra's. Boy what a turn off that might be in the bedroom,,,waiting to toss off two bra's. I do like the hair thou on this. This actually is a pretty good friend,,,and the hands that you see are his wife's....I am the one with the camera. They have been dating for numerous years,,and had a few kids,,,and 20 something years later they tied the Knot. Back when he was single,,,,,I had a awful crush on him,,,,I would drive past his house and see him out side and just smile and wave and get all girly,,,,I am over that now,,,And now he is { J's} friend Nascar buddy to be exact. nascar's I am not into so glad he has a pal for that. Well now Mr. Sandman is calling,,,and I need to sleep,,On the morrow is Friday's feast. Hope you all will be joining us---Happy Trails!!!

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