Thursday, March 08, 2007

nekid Thursday

Ok,,,I admitt it,,These past few days I have been feeling lazy. Even with this pic-- I didn't spend much time going threw my pictures to find one to post on Nekid Thursday. I grapped the first pic of flesh I could find. I think I am coming down with a new bug,,,I awoke with a headache,,And when I cough my chest feels tight. I took 4 Arnica Montana half a hour ago,,,head ache is subsiding and refusing to cough...Going to take Airborne before I head out to Germy people. Yesterday I awoke up on time,,,Got ready to jump in shower,,turned water on,,,jumped in and yikes it was all hot water,,,the cold water froze up and I awoke rather abruptly. By the time {J} had it thawed out I was already dressed and ready to deal with the bad hair day syndrome. It seemed every where I went I over heard some one talking about being sick--at the bank,,at the store,,at the "Home",,,it was like yuck,,you people should have stayed home. And now today I handle thousands of pieces of mail,,full of germs...ugh. And the temperature outside is going to be a warm 5 degrees by the time I get out there. Next week it will be up to 50 degrees,,,no wonder people are getting sick. Also yesterday I heard this country singer talking about how every Mom out there always tells her children,,,"Make sure you have clean underwear on,,,in case you get into a accident" And it reminded me of this comedian who repeated that saying and added,,,if I got into a accident I'll probably sh*t my pants so whats the point. Time to push my self into the go mode,,,while my body craves to go back to bed under the warm blankets and sleep a few more hours---Happy Trails,,,And warm thoughts!!!

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