Wednesday, February 28, 2007

walking the pier

I went and some photo's enlarged for my display room,,,and this was one of them. I only had it made into a 5 by 7,,but I want to get a larger one. It makes you wonder what else is out there. Or if you are at the end of your pier. Yesterday I went through the whole day thinking it was Wednesday,,,I even wondered what I was going to have for supper,,,{ J } said have the chili you made. Nope can't have that on Wednesday during Lent,,,Well have a tuna fish sandwich, Well maybe when I get home later I will. went up to the home and grabbed a fish fillet sandwich from the golden arches,,,He made me the tuna fish. I guess you could say we both forgot till today,,half way through it I realized,,,today is Wednesday. As I look at the photo as it just came up,,,I recall the pier,,,,behind me is 2 large cruise vessels,,,and yet the place looks deserted,,,optical illusion. Today was a long,long day,,left the house at 7:30 this morning and didn't get to come home and chill till close to 9pm....I had 4 cases today,,3 hours each case,,,I am glad to be home. On the morrow only one case,,or should I say just changing my hat to become a mail carrier,,,and I must remember to call a number after 6pm to see if I have jury duty. Supreme court..yikes..guess glad to be on the jury than to be the one accused or caught----Happy Trails

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