Thursday, March 01, 2007

close to the weekend

Ok,,it is like 2 days away now that my sister was thinking of coming down this way,,,I had till Wednesday to tell {J} if she was coming here. He needs time to get the place sparkling,,He is very weird like that,,,the majority of the time when he is in his room I think of him as Oscar, from the Odd couple. I am Felix,,,lol,,ok his evil twin. Her second plan was a hotel near she could house shop...I actually think that was all bull.and deep down she knows she is going to the Island,,so time will tell. I was willing to go to a hotel,,,actually looking forward to a pool and hot tub and raising the heat above 75. And just hanging out with the family. {J} is not close to his family and seems to get put out by even a phone call from his mom,,,I think I mentioned this. He seems to be getting very crotchety. Today I did the mail thing,,on the route I am new at,,today was day 12 out last one to leave--and return,,and get to go home,,ugh....I want to be the first!!,,,Anyhow I get home,,,beat some meat--made a great ginger pork dinner,,with steamed veggies..(Squash-Onions-Celery Root)..garlic bread-noodles. Did dishes as I went along--kitchen remained clean,,,but as he passed by he said a brazen remark,,,like its going to be a mess. Well it wasn't and i should have gave him hot dogs and Kraft mac & Cheese,,,for all the effort and he had seconds--but he prefers plain crap,,,It's like what is the point,,,I should have did this post on the 13 things that bug me,,,shall save that for a later date---Happy Trails........

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